Song of Waitaha - Histories of a Nation brings the oral histories of the Waitaha people which casts light on the culture, scientific and natural wisdom of the early pre-maori peoples of New Zealand.


Within these pages we share our ancient knowledge, the treasure of our past. Our decision to reveal this taonga was not taken lightly, for until now it has been protected by silence. We give it to all people of this land in the hope it will help us walk the path of mutual trust and understanding.

Where pain walks today, there will be healing tomorrow. Where misunderstanding falls, tolerance will stand. There are wider horizons from the mountain tops and the sweeping shorelines. There are old trails that lead on to new worlds. It is time to gain inspiration from the past to guide us into the future. We journey with the vision that the traditions recorded in the land will become the shared inheritance of all who call it home.

The words and pictures we place in your care are dedicated to the children of Aotearoa, for they are our future. These taonga speak of the ancient ones who lived in harmony with the land and each other. Our dream is of one whanau that nurtures and provides for all within this beautiful land. Where one nation leads others may follow.

May the wisdom of old be a force for good, today and tomorrow, and in all our tomorrows.

‘Kia tuohu ai tatou, mo aianei, mo apopo, mo ake tonu atu’

Te Uri O Te Pani Manawatu,
Tuahiwi, 1989

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