Histories of a Nation is the work of a dedicated team including Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Schroeder, Barbara Brailsford, Derek Mitchell, Richard Nunns, Barry Brailsford and Te Porohau Peter Ruka Te Korako

History of Song of Waitaha : Histories of a Nation.

People of The Cloak of Peace and Keepers of their Light Making.

And the Grandmothers and Grandfathers gathered in the Valley of The Teachers and spoke into the Universe saying...

"He Wa kei te haere mai A Time is coming

ka whatu ano e nga mokopuna when the grandchildren will plait

Te Korowai Tapu o Rongomaraeroa, The sacred Cloak of Rongomaraeroa".

In the 1980's at the time of changing political views of the Government of New Zealand towards their Monarch Her Majesty Elizabeth, mokopuna of the original treaty Partner Her Majesty Queen Victoria, to the Treaty of Waitangi, an incident of note and sadness was made that changed the ancient histories of New Zealand forever.

A respected Elder of Rangitane, descendant of all the Elder lines of the chiefs of the Puke Totara kainga, asked that the stories of the ancient people of Waitaha be published for he was aware that they could be lost in the modern histories that the respected English Trained Historians were making on behalf of the original indigenous first Nation families.

Six very hard working individuals were chosen for the task, that would in its very nature and demanding change these individuals and those around them forever. It was in itself a task that tested all to their very limits and in the tests changed relationships and beliefs. Creating so much beauty yet surrounded by immense pain.

Much of the pain and suffering that was to follow in the search into the families, land, seas, waterways and people would after a time dissipate. It was a time that saw many personal beliefs shattered and broken into shards. Shards that were in themselves too painful to comprehend. Those who were chosen for the task were steadfast in their work and faithful to the journey and task set them.

The original team chosen were Makere Aroha Anikaitawa Schroeder, Barbara Brailsford, Derek Mitchell, Richard Nunns, Barry Brailsford and Te Porohau Peter Ruka Te Korako. Each member was responsible for separate yet distinctly related tasks. For no one person could complete the printing, publishing, and distributing of the finished product without the contributions of each and every member.

The Stories, histories, karakia/incantations in English and Pre Maori were provided and written by Peter a direct descendant of Ngati Pakau of Waitaha.

The protection, karakia/incantations and introduction to the sacred places through out New Zealand and the checking and passing for publication of the stories were provided by Makere, a direct descendant of Ngati Kurawaka of Waitaha.

The care and attention of the team was ably provided for by Barbara Brailsford of which every member is eternally grateful for.

The Design, layout and the font for the Book was provided by Derek Mitchell a superb English gentleman who provided the team with the necessary "sandblasting of beliefs", with the gentleness and humour that was needed.

The crafting of the words and systems of Waitaha to meet the demanding market place of intellectual beliefs and disbeliefs, was in the control of Barry Brailsford who crafted a superb instrument for our Nation of Waitaha. We thank him very much for all that he did for us and we set him free from our Nation with love and peace in our hearts.

The words and rhythms were provided in fact and spirit by Richard Nunns. Professional Musician and Keeper of the Contemporary Craft of Tawhirimatea and Tane i Te Komumu.

With this hard working team selected by our Elders The Song of Waitaha - Histories of a Nation was set out into the tides of the minds of the Nations of the Universe with love and respect by the Elders of Waitaha, descendants of the first Nation of New Zealand, Aotearoa.

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