Histories of a Nation brings the oral histories of the Waitaha people which casts light on the culture, scientific and natural wisdom of the early peoples of New Zealand

The Joining of the Tides of Life

‘Stand in Te kohanga…Feel the Wairua in the land’

IT SPEAKS OF THE BEGINNING OF LIFE, the meeting of the waters of the Old Tides, the joining, and of Io Mata Ngaro, the Supreme One.

And it tells of the birth of the Gods, the parting of the Parents by Tane Mahuta, the light of the first dawn, the beginning of time, the conflict of the brothers that rages to this day, the making of Hine Ahu One, the first woman, the anguish of her daughter Hine Ti Tama and Hine Nui Te Po, the woman of the Darkest Night who leads us by the hand to death.

Know you stand in the centre of the Waka of the Gods, surrounded by our ancestors turned to stone. And that here you touch scared ground where each moment of the Creation, from the first breath of life to the last sigh of death, is remembered in the stone around you.

We are of Io. We are of the Gods and the dreams of ancestors. We are of the Nation of Waitaha. And we follow the trails of Rongo Marae Roa, the God of Peace.

The Joining of the Tides of Life

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